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Accept Job Norway Stats

Here are some of our activities and just how many people we have helped find a jobs, and companies have found recruits. Accept Job is First English Jobs offer in Norway. please Get a job to day for your qualification, or Release Jobs to us We have People ready to Work * No Time to west *

  • 14 Jobs Posted
  • 17 Positions Filled
  • 14 Companies
  • 37 Members

Plans and Pricing

Quick Jobs


Quick Jobs is a secure and efficient marketplace for services between individuals.

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Allows 1 Job Post
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Price: 499,- a month

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Allows 3 Job Postings
1 Highligted posts
Price: 799,- a month

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How It All Works

Set your own goals
There are many issues to consider when finding a job. What will you work with? How should a cover letter and a resume look like, and how should you prepare for a job interview? Here is some information, tips and good advice on the way to your next job!

Read job ads
Looking at the offered jobs and reading their ads learns you about what kind of skills and abilities a workplace is asking for. Rarely do companies get people with all these features. You must be aware of what you may lack, and consider whether you can grow into the position.

Build connections
Family, friends, acquaintances, former employers and many more, important people in search of job. Jobs are advertised, but most hiring is done through connections so ask at your own network, or try our network.

Contacting companies
Many companies appreciate checking with them through Accept Job and think you show initiative and interest in just their business. It requires that you have formed a realistic view of what you can now, and what benefit the company may have of you. Feel free to use Accept Job to sniff around.

Be picky, but flexible
Search not working you will not thrive . It's better to focus on temporary assignment , although it is not the job you would most like to have , can give you valuable work experience and skills. The experience can make you more attractive when "your" job appear.

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